New Feature Exhibition in November October 17 2020

Water and Sky - Florida's Original Attractions

November 7 - 28, 2020
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 7, 4-7 PM
Artists Talk: Friday, November 13, 11 AM

About the Exhibition

Central Florida oil painter Stephen Bach is known for his atmospheric sky paintings and tonal landscapes. For his first solo exhibition at Arts on Douglas, he has chosen to present work that captures the natural beauty of Florida’s oceans and waterways set against the expansive skies and distinctive cloud formations. In his exhibition statement he explains that while he spent a lot of time in nature as a child, his focus was on recreational activities such as fishing, water-skiing, and swimming. He continues, “as I matured, my study of landscape painting brought me to appreciate more of what we had – miles of beaches and spectacular skies that seemed to come right down to our feet.  Painting outdoors en plein air with friends brought me even closer to those surroundings.”

Connecting with the natural world has held additional significance for Stephen this past year, providing solace and opportunities for reflection in an unprecedented, unpredictable time. Bach explains, “In the midst of Covid, we look for evidence that our world somehow remains on its axis. That the craziness around us isn’t all encompassing or interminable. There’s particular satisfaction for me in seeing waves wash in endlessly. The surf is unaware of our concerns, our shortcomings, or our fears. It just comes. No matter what kind of day we had or who has been born or who’s been lost. Like the rest of nature, it brings constant equilibrium. Something tangible and reassuring. My work is inspired by that and I hope my gratitude shows.” 
About the Artist
Stephen Bach was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Orlando, Florida. He majored in painting and illustration at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.  He spent 8 years as an illustrator before working as a designer and mural painter with General Mills/Darden Restaurants.  In his 15 years with Darden, he helped design restaurant interior paint themes  and completed 1500 wall murals in more than 500 Olive Garden Restaurants nationwide.  

Since 2000, Bach has been working as a fine art landscape painter. He is known for his realistic paintings that capture the serenity of the landscape while pushing the effects of color and light. His works have been shown at leading art festivals throughout the US including the Original Ann Arbor Street Fair, MI; the St. Louis Art Fair, MO; the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO; the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago, IL;  and the Sausalito Festival of the Arts in California. He currently works from McRae Art Studios in Orlando, along with his wife Susan, a ceramic artist.