New Feature Exhibition in November October 16 2019

Todd K. Fox
Collective Unconsciousness

On View: November 2 - 30, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 2, 4-7 PM
Artists Talk: Friday, November 15, 11 AM

Meditative by Todd K. FoxAbout the Exhibition

Todd K. Fox taught himself the art of Raku pottery at the age of 11 and over the years has continued to expand upon his use of this medium in new and exciting ways.  Five years ago, he began experimenting with techniques to combine Raku fired forms with a range of unconventional materials, leading him towards the distinct style for which he is known today.   
Much of the inspiration for Fox’s sculptures comes from his study of African and Caribbean art and traditions, with an emphasis on West Nigerian Yoruba culture and their belief systems. Fox’s work is also biographical, often hinting at personal experiences. Two major life events that had a significant effect on Fox’s identity as an artist include his presence at the death of his father (for whom he was caregiver) and the death his best friend of 38 years. He explains, “These events impacted my ideals and thought process on death, the after-life, and how we, as humans, express our understanding of these things.”  

These collective influences and experiences serve as a catalyst for the work in this exhibition. Through his sculpture, Fox communicates moments of both joy and sadness with full awareness that one cannot exist without the other. He elaborates on this relationship in his work, stating, “gestures of joyfulness, dance and happiness are accompanied by sharp objects, such as barbed-wire to represent suffering or the use of iron gears and cogs to represent the hardness in life. The balance of these conflicting elements, along with the postures and staging of each form, serves to illustrate these narratives.”
Fox also emphasizes that being in the “here and now” is at the center of his intuitive creative processes.  Being in the moment allows Fox to hone-in on unconscious associations, allowing his mind to open to the universe. Fox explains, “by taking what the world gives and then letting it go with what my hands create… that is Collective Unconsciousness.”

About the Artist
Todd K. Fox is a native of Orlando, Florida and continues to reside and work in his hometown. He is a self-taught artist who learned his craft primarily from friends, peers and informal art classes. He has been a resident artist at McRae Art Studios for two years and has participated in numerous group shows and outdoor/indoor art fairs over the years. These include exhibitions at the Mennello Museum of Art, Orlando, FL; the Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando, FL and Lucky Street Gallery in Key West, FL, among others. His work is also in multiple permanent collections in Florida.  Fox has been represented by Arts on Douglas for the past year and this exhibition, Collective Unconsciousness, is his first solo exhibition. 

Image Above: Todd K. Fox, Meditative,15 x 7 inches, mixed media - primarily clay (Raku)
Image Below (Left): Todd K. Fox, Emerge,48 x 8 inches, mixed media - primarily clay (Raku)
Image Below (Middle): Todd K. Fox, Igi Eiye,45 x 19 inches, mixed media - primarily clay (Raku)
Image Below (Right): Todd K. Fox, Surrender,48 x 12 inches, mixed media - primarily clay (Raku)

Todd K, Fox