New Feature Exhibition in August July 15 2021

Endless Summer
A Group Exhibition

On View: August 7 - 28, 2021
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 7, 4-7 PM

Featuring work by Weronica Ankarörn, Stephen Bach, Kelly Berning, Trent Berning, Donne Bitner, Jim Draper, Heather Earnest, Stacey Fletcher, Todd K. Fox, Gabrielle Gould, Rene Griffith, René Guerin, Debra Mixon Holliday, Allison Kline, Valeh Levy, Inverna Lockpez, Gabriel Marino, Karlene McConnell, Jan Miller, Peggi Nadeau, Sara Pedigo, Christine Peloquin, Sarah Rigas, Juliana Romnes, Per Hans Romnes, Robert Ross, Jo Sinclair, Trish Thompson, Cindy Vener, and Cindy Wilson. 


The Florida artists in this year’s exhibition have outdone themselves with a range of fresh and exciting interpretations of the summer season.  Paintings, photographs, ceramics, jewelry, and mixed-media assemblages can be found throughout the show. Subject matter ranges from realistic beach scenes to gestural abstractions and everything in between.  

The piece titled Tubes, by Sorrento watercolorist Heather Earnest, is a fitting example of the theme.  Finding inspiration in her own backyard, Earnest has created a playful depiction of inner tubes floating in a pool, using expressive gestures to emphasize the light bending and refracting through the water. She further illustrates the intense, mid-afternoon light of summer by contrasting the refreshing, clear-blue water with bright, neon inner tubes and their shadows. For added interest, Earnest leaves room for chance, explaining, "when working with watercolors, I allow the paint to have some independence to mix and mingle to add a sense of spontaneity and play."   

Another unique example of artwork in this exhibition is the oil painting titled Clean Stack by Sarah Rigas of Winter Garden. Rigas uses bright colors and a strong graphic composition in this still life that depicts a tower of beach towels teetering on a chair. While this subject may be a common sighting in homes during the summer months, it is an unconventional subject for a painting. Nonetheless, Rigas has captured the essence and beauty of this simple, everyday observation. She elaborates, “I aim to incorporate the elements I love about abstraction, such as geometric shape and the materiality of the paint. I reduce what I see down to what is essential to communicate what caught my eye.”

As a whole, this lively exhibition has proven to be a favorite among gallery patrons over the years and Arts on Douglas is excited to continue the tradition with this year’s display. The diversity of artwork in this show has been carefully curated to present a cohesive summertime experience for all audiences to enjoy.