Audrey Phillips

Artist Statement:

Florida’s wildly exotic landscape is my home and my inspiration. This mysterious piece of earth provides a gateway into rich sensations, thoughts and emotions. The experience commands presence, a calling to quiet the chatter, expand into silence and observe sensations.

This sensory language has deep memory and a quiet power to it and although there are no words, there is something spoken between us. I become profoundly aware of its intelligence, recognizing it as a sacred space to both heal and inform my art. This pure, vibrant energy is the place from which I paint — eventually holding space for the viewer to enter and bring their story to the experience.

About the Artist:

Audrey received her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Florida. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Minnesota, New York, Michigan, California, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida, where she currently lives. Her work is in numerous United States and international corporate and private collections. A large permanent collection of 54 of her paintings, acquired by the University of Tampa for permanent installation, can be seen at the newly renovated Southard Family Building.