New Feature Exhibition in February January 13 2022

A Jewelry Invitational

On Exhibit: January 28 - February 25, 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 5, 4-7 PM

Exhibition preview during Images-A Festival of the Arts:
Friday, January 28 – Sunday, January 30, 10 AM – 5 PM


Gabrielle Gould, Multi-Feather Strand Necklace, sterling silver, feathers from love-bird, parakeet, ring-neck pheasant, pearls

Featuring: Linda Azar of Candler, NC; Gabrielle Gould of St. Augustine, FL; Jason Janow of Asheville, NC; Allison Kline of New Smyrna Beach, FL; Jennifer Letter of Boulder, CO; Bridgette Rallo of New Smyrna Beach, FL; Wendy Thurlow of Bradenton, FL, Mary Timmer of Weaverville, NC and Jeff and Susan Wise of Durango, CO. 

About the Exhibition

Arts on Douglas has a long history of displaying fine art jewelry and this annual invitational exhibition brings together an exceptional variety of work by jewelers from across the nation.
Jewelry enthusiasts and Valentine's Day shoppers alike can take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to find an assortment of exceptional, handcrafted jewelry designs. 

Working with materials such as gold, silver, gems, beads, shells, and stones, each artist has developed their unique style. Gabrielle Gould, for example, draws from her life in coastal Florida as inspiration for her work.  She creates jewelry based on species of birds, fish, and other wildlife common to her geographic area. These objects are typically made in silver and embellished with high karat gold and enamel.  Feathers and shells are regular elements in her work, as can be seen in the piece titled Multi-Feather Strand Necklace.  Gould explains, “Inspired partly by the ornamentation of indigenous people, my use of feathers is comparable to today's prevalent use of gemstones. The color, texture, and size of each of the feathers are carefully considered when I create these one-of-a-kind necklaces.” Gould is nationally recognized for these distinct jewelry designs and has recently been featured on the Peabody award-winning series Craft In America, now available for streaming on PBS.

Also featured in this exhibition, Jeff and Susan Wise collaborate on one-of-a-kind jewelry designs that seamlessly integrate sculptured gemstones and metals. They have exhibited their jewelry nationally and internationally and their work is held in the permanent collections of prestigious organizations including the Smithsonian Institute, Boston Museum of Fine Art, and the New York Museum of Art and Design. Jeff and Susan scrutinize every detail, cutting their stones and designing clasps that are integrated into the aesthetics of each piece. They elaborate, “We embrace the challenge of making work that is light and comfortable, yet powerful in scale and concept.” This attention to detail can be seen in their Black and White Bracelet that delicately pairs a distinctive mix of gemstones and coral against gold and sterling accents in this eye-catching statement piece.

Another example of jewelry as art in this exhibition includes the work of Mary Timmer. Her graceful designs are tastefully adorned with lustrous pearls or shimmering precious stones to achieve a look of classic elegance. Timmer explains, “My style is expressed by using a unique combination of forging and hand fabricating. The entire process of jewelry making excites me – from my initial inspiration to the moment when I hold a finished piece in my hand."

As a whole, this exhibition provides an exclusive opportunity for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts to take home the latest trends in contemporary jewelry design. Gallery Director and Exhibition Curator Meghan Martin elaborates, "What is exciting about this exhibition, is that each artist in this exhibition has a style and process that is uniquely their own. Gallery visitors will find a range of diversity in the designs presented and the materials used - from traditional to nontraditional.  It is a pleasure to present this fresh and vibrant collection of wearable works of art."


Image 1: Jeff and Susan Wise, Black and White Bracelet, 22 and 18K gold, sterling silver, set with carved bamboo coral, black jade, quartz, psilomelane, black star sapphires, ruby cabachon, moonstone and diopside.
Image 2: Mary Timmer, Overlap Ring, sterling silver, 14K gold, amethyst