Adorn: A Jewelry Invitational January 15 2021

Image: Mary Timmer, Mosaic Opal Pendant, sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, 8mm mosaic black opal with sterling choker

On Exhibit: February 6 - 25, 2021
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 6, 4-7 PM
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This year’s annual exhibition and sale of one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry showcases work by the following thirteen artists: Eliana Arenas of Charlotte, NC; Linda Azar of Candler, NC; Melissa Finelli of Boston, MA;  Gabrielle Gould of St. Augustine, FL; Jason Janow of Asheville, NC; Allison Kline of New Smyrna Beach, FL; Jennifer Letter of Boulder, CO; Nikki Nation of Denver, CO; Akiko Sugiyama of Ormond Beach, FL; Wendy Thurlow of Bradenton, FL, Mary Timmer of Weaverville, NC and Jeff and Susan Wise of Durango, CO. 


Arts on Douglas has an extensive history of presenting fine art jewelry and unveils new designs each February in this highly-anticipated group exhibition. This year's special display is an excellent opportunity for jewelry collectors and Valentine's Day shoppers to explore cutting-edge fashions by an exciting line-up of contemporary jewelry artists and designers. Visitors will find new work by familiar names on the gallery's roster alongside the work of first-time exhibitors as they browse a refreshing mix of styles and processes on display.

The bold and sophisticated sterling and gold designs by first-time exhibitor Mary Timmer (above) are an example of the unique work in this show. Each graceful form is tastefully adorned with lustrous pearls or shimmering precious stones to achieve a look of classic elegance. Timmer explains, “My style is expressed by using a unique combination of forging and hand fabricating. The entire process of jewelry making excites me – from my initial inspiration to the moment when I hold a finished piece in my hand."

Another great example of work in this exhibition are the intricate paper and bead creations of Akiko Sugiyama. While the fabrication of this work is complex and labor-intensive, Akiko's one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings exude a simple, stylish flair that is guaranteed to turn heads. Equally exciting and energizing are the modern jewelry creations of Eliana Arenas from her "Edge" line of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Arenas explains, "My inspiration comes from the daily exploration of geometric and organic forms found in nature. These observations, along with the use of non-traditional materials such as powder coating, provide an interesting component to how my work evolves. I am intrigued by the contrast between the uncontrolled edge and controlled geometric lines in my work."

As a whole, this exhibition provides an exclusive opportunity for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts to view the latest trends in contemporary jewelry design. Gallery Director and Exhibition Curator Meghan Martin elaborates, "Each artist in this exhibition has a style and process that is uniquely their own. Gallery visitors will find a range of diversity in the designs presented and the materials used - from traditional to nontraditional.  It is a pleasure to present this fresh and vibrant collection of wearable works of art."