Endless Summer: An Arts on Douglas Group Exhibition July 24 2013

Endless Summer: Group Exhibition

Opening reception: Saturday, August 3, 4 - 7pm

Exhibition dates: August 3- 31, 2013

arts on douglas endless summer

New Smyrna Beach, FL ––Arts on Douglas announces the opening of a group exhibition, Endless Summer. This summer themed exhibition features a selection of artworks by 17 established artists ranging in style, approach, and media. The exhibition will be on view from August 3, 2013 through August 31, 2013 with an opening reception on Saturday, August 3 from 4-7 pm. The participating artists include: Stephen Bach, Jean Banas, Marc Barrett, Donne Bitner, Marilyn Catlow, Lee Dunkel, René Guerin, Riitta Klint, Tim Ludwig, Larry Moore, Gretchen Nass, Audrey Phillips, Mary Schimpff Webb, Jeanne Schubert, Wendy Tatter, Trish Thompson, Anna Tomczak, John Wilton, and John Wolfe.

“Assembling a themed group exhibition is a challenge because artists do not work with or around central narratives. To ensure cohesion, the proposed theme had to be focused yet broad enough so that familiar concepts, stylistic approaches, and media could be represented and re-imagined by both artist and viewer. This room for play is what pulls a show together” explains Gallery Director, Meghan Martin.Drawing from the title and spirit of the iconic 1966 surf film, the group exhibition celebrates the magic, wanderlust, and possibilities of the summer season. This summer themed exhibition will appeal to art enthusiasts and seasoned collectors.

Since the 1950s, the beach and surfing lifestyle have become symbols of freedom, idealism, and fun. Larry Moore, a master of color, technique and composition, conveys that optimism. In his painting, Breaking Wave he not only captures the light, rhythm, and movement of the surf, but also the surfer's dream––a glassy and seemly endless wave.

In contrast to the dreamy contemplation of Moore, for René Guerin the beach is a place of fun, discovery, and surprise. In Frisbee, a figurative oil painting, Guerin’s sense of humor and quirky wit are on display. The painting invites viewers to take pleasure in looking at a group of unsuspecting beach-goers. The painting also serves as a reminder that an accomplished artist can influence not only what we see, but also how we see.

Moreover,some artists assign new meanings to familiar references, signaling the complexity and variety of the artistic imagination. John Wilton's multi-episodic digital composition, Summer '09, is both a tribute and critique of the recycled endless summer myth that continues to influence surf culture, film, and the public imagination.

Endless Summer offers more than visual references to the beach. Additional highlights from the exhibition include artists whose work introduce new color palettes inspired by the lingering daylight. There are those whose stylistic approach is motivated by the energy, activity, and emotion of the season. In addition, there are those whose work are contemplations of visits to botanical gardens.

At the opening reception, a digital “faux-to booth,” including playful summer themed props, will be available for guests to create and capture their summertime memories of the event. The images will be posted to the Arts on Douglas Facebook page and Instagram under the hashtag #aodsummer. Guests are also encouraged to dress in “beach chic”attire to receive 10% off Endless Summer purchases.

The Clay Gallery, located next door to Arts on Douglas will also be joining in the Endless Summer celebration. The gallery, which is situated in a lush tropical garden, provides a relaxing backdrop to make new friends and summertime memories. There will be live summer-themed music, refreshments, and an array of pottery, jewelry, glass, and wood artwork for purchase from 4-8pm.

Both opening receptions are free and open to the public.

Arts on Douglas Fine Art and Collectibles is a unique commercial art gallery located in the arts-rich community of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Founded in 1996 by Doris Leeper, artist and Atlantic Center for the Arts founder and artist/benefactor Ed Harris, the gallery promotes the work and careers of prominent Florida artists. Formerly a used furniture warehouse, and originally a 1930's era Ford showroom and service center, the space was magnificently transformed and has since become a community gathering spot for a discerning mix of art enthusiasts, seasoned collectors, and artists. A visit to Arts on Douglas reveals a gallery presentation of more than 50 professional artists from the state of Florida, ensuring a broad spectrum of artistic styles, media and temperaments. Its 5,000 square feet of exhibition space enables the gallery to show several works by each artist at all times.


Larry Moore, Breaking Wave, 30 x 70


John Wilton, Summer '09
Rene Guerin, Frisbee