Guest Speaker May 26 2016

How Flowers Taught Bees to Be Vegetarians

This guest lecture provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the impact that bees have on the floral world. Join us Saturday, June 18 at 11am for a casual yet in-depth conversation with our featured speaker, beekeeper Doug McGinnis, who will give a talk entitled How Flowers Taught Bees to Be Vegetarians. McGinnis' previous family business, Tropical Blossom Honey Co., had been collecting honey from beekeepers in Florida since the 1940's.  McGinnis has also served on the National Honey Board and the National Honey Packers and Dealers Association. The timing of this lecture is in coordination with the start of National Pollinator Week, June 20-26, 2016.  For more information about National Pollinator Week visit.