Susan Bach

Born and raised in upstate NY, Susan Bach is the daughter of eminent wildlife artist, Tom Beecham.  This factor combined with growing up in the beautiful New York countryside has had a major influence on Bach’s work and choice of subject matter.

Working with a traditional craftsman’s material, clay, in a nontraditional way, Bach creates highly patterned, decorative clocks, vases, and sculptures.  Each piece is fashioned from terra cotta and lustrous glazes.  Every piece is original and one-of-a-kind. 

Bach explains, “So often God is spoken of as an artist, a potter.  We know that He created Man in His image from the clay of the earth.  This makes me wonder why pottery is considered one of the lesser art forms.  It is radiant with color.  It is fired to a hardness that is intrinsic to its function.  It can be broken into many pieces yet reassembled as an astounding mosaic. God knew what he was doing when He made His people from the clay of the earth.”

Educated at Pratt Institute and Penland School of Crafts, Bach has been a full time studio artist since 1981.  She has exhibited in galleries, museums, and art exhibitions throughout the country.  Her work is in many private and corporate collections as well as permanent collections.