Rose Thome Casterline

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I work primarily with the figure, drawing on memories and observations of body language and movement.   Combining multiple layers of graphic language such as symbols, design and mark-making; with the perceptual, figure; my work explores the concepts of duality, conformity, and play.   Working figuratively, I tap into my library of gestures that resonate my experience with, and observations of, the human form.  Bold, delicate and complex, the paint surface merges drawing, printmaking and painting marks- revealing a responsive process of resuscitating the design, while maximizing haptic physicality of my figures.  My ideas start with the concrete, gravity-bound visual world -  play and intuitive response to the forms, opens up a new model of figuration.

Artist Bio

Rose Thome Casterline received her BFA (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking) from Kent State University and her MFA (Painting) from Savannah College of Art and Design.  She has been exhibiting her drawings, prints and paintings regionally and nationally over the past twenty years.   Her figurative work has been featured in several publications including New American Paintings (Vols. 34 and 52), House Beautiful and Coastal Living.  Multiple private and public art collections house her drawings and paintings, with nearly 50 works commissioned and purchased by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  One of these projects included the Sea Island Series, a group of paintings commissioned by SCAD and exhibited at the G-8 Summit in 2004.  She currently teaches life drawing and painting  at  Valencia College in Orlando and Rollins College in Winter Park.