Robert Ross

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Artist Statement

“Seven years of painting landscapes ‘en plein air’ has taught me to look intensely at the subject in front of me and respond quickly and decisively to the dramatic challenges of shifting light and shadow. Recently, however, I have been working more in the studio, which has allowed me to slow things down. Now I look more intensely at the painting rather than its ‘subject’ derived from nature. I still use the perceptual tools I learned painting outdoors, but I am taking more time to explore design and pattern in my subject and push the values, colors and boundaries in my paintings. Spending more time with a painting now, I catch glimpses of the mysterious beauty and hidden life of ordinary objects and places that we see ‘in plain sight,’ but fail to truly see.”--R.Ross 

The paintings of Robert Ross are marked with a deceptive simplicity that reveals the essential character of his landscapes, interiors and still lifes. He favors loose brushwork, strong color and asymmetrical compositions. His paintings feature common places like alleys, demolition sites, abandoned farms and empty rooms, where he is drawn to the space between things and the shadows and light that give them life.

Artist Bio

Robert Ross’s urban and rural landscape paintings have been exhibited in a growing number of venues throughout Central Florida, including Anita Wooten Gallery at Valencia State College, Winter Park City Hall, Orlando City Hall, Maitland City Hall, Orange County Chambers, Orlando Museum of Art, Gallery at Avalon Island, and Casselberry Art House.

Ross has been a participating artist in the Winter Park Paint Out sponsored by the Albin Polasek Museum and he was an “Artist in Action” for 2014 at Maitland Art Center.

Ross received his art education at Oakland University, Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, and in master workshops taught by Stuart Shils. He has been influenced by the works of Henri Matisse, Giorgio Morandi, Edward Hopper, Fairfield Porter, Richard Diebenkorn and several fine contemporary artists.

Robert Ross maintains a full-time studio at McRae Art Studios in Winter Park, Florida.