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Acclaimed glass artist Marilyn Catlow began her career in advertising as a copywriter after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. After living and working in New York City and Miami, she moved to San Francisco and shifted her focus from the written to hands-on building of an art form.

She returned to Miami in 1975 and founded a glass fusion studio and workshop M.A.G.A. - Miami Area Glass Artists, where she re-introduced collectors to glass fusing, a forgotten glass forming art.

Now in Central Florida, Marilyn, her work and technique have enjoyed a surge of popularity among both glass aficionados and artisans throughout the U.S. and abroad.  She has won numerous awards in juried art festivals, gallery, and museum exhibitions throughout Florida and the United States.

Fine Fused Glass

This hot glass technique begins by cutting design elements from sheets of stained glass and placing them on a base of catalyst glass and firing in large kilns at 1500-1600°.  The fused pieces are cooled and annealed at controlled temperatures prior to the introduction of surface design or additional color.  The pieces are cleaned and ground before glazes, metallic, or other dimensional elements are applied. The final firing includes fire polishing and shaping for functional and aesthetic purposes. Flat fused glass is placed onto or over clay and fired again at around 1320° for final contouring.