Leigh Griffin

 Artist Statement

Each piece of my work is individually hand fabricated and, as such, each piece is one of a kind. The work may be produced in a series that follows a design theme, yet every individual piece is unique to itself.

I use several techniques to texture my work including: Mokume Gane - layering of different metals fused together. They way they are worked brings out the unique qualities of the separate layers. Granulation - high carat gold fused onto sterling silver. Reticulation - melting the surface of silver to cause a “wave effect” in the metal. Acid Etching - a pattern is achieved on brass, then roller printed onto silver. Patina - liver of sulfur blackens the silver (but not the gold) and then the higher levels of metal are buffed clean to add contrast.

I love and take inspiration from a wide variety of gemstones. Color is added with amethysts, sunstones, moonstones, citrines, peridot and a rainbow of colored stones. I particularly enjoy the effect of druzies.

The metals that I use in the compositions are sterling silver, fine silver, 22k, 18k, 14k, shikudo, shubuishi, and copper.

The creative process involves hand sketching of design ideas along with manipulation of individual elements of the piece, and the selection of appropriate gemstones, prior to assembly.

After a 16 year career as a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines, I began a second career 15 years ago learning the joy of making fine jewelry. My work is an expression of the limitless opportunities of merging design, stunning gemstones created in nature, and metals worked and shaped by my hand. The work captures the energy and beauty of the materials, and is at once, both dynamic and harmonious.

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