Carol Elder Napoli

My current works are developed using acrylic paint upon 300 lb. rag paper or board.  The paintings are built of layers of paint and acrylic mediums worked over with various washes of transparent color. These textured areas create interest in surface and direct the eye within the compositions.  The works display a “history” of marks and images, which have been created by the previous layers. Charcoal is often used mixed with mediums to offer various blacks and drawing marks.  The weaving process of surface, color, images and abstracted compositional shapes are the tools used to form narrative themes expressing life in spiritual terms.   I enjoys both the formal aspects of art and its’ less easily defined intuitive and emotional side.  I desire to create images that speak to the heart as well as bringing interest and delight to the viewer.


Carol received her B.F.A. degree from Florida State University in 1976.  She has been painting and showing her work throughout the country for the past 30 years.  Carol and her husband sculptor, Jerry Napoli have established their studios in New Smyrna Beach, FL where they have raised their two children while creating and exhibiting their art.