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Every painting I begin feels like standing at the gate with an open-ended ticket in my hand…destination unknown. I love being surprised by my own work. My favorite bits of my paintings are those details that I have no recollection of creating, that seemed to have found their way there on their own, yet intention is present. Whether I am working on a series reminiscent of landscapes or simply movement, shape and color, I want the viewer to wonder, to be intrigued by what is underneath, what’s off in the distance. I want them to see things unique to their eye – and to see something a little different every time they step into that piece. I want the piece to tell them a story that belongs only to them.

BJ Lantz
Artist Bio

Lantz holds a degree in Graphic Art & Advertising Design and spent nearly 20 years as an award-winning graphic designer. She studied abstract painting under the tutelage of Fred Samuelson, Flora Bowley, Judy Wise, Patricia Balwin-Seggebruch, Mary Beth Shaw and Suzy Pilgrim Waters, and later cold wax abstraction with Rebecca Crowell and Lisa Pressman at Cullowhee Mountain Arts at Western Carolina University. In addition to her fine art career, Lantz maintains a successful art licensing career in giftware and home decor industries.