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Over the years I have reexamined my approach to painting with reflection on my continually evolving aesthetic In the past, much of my painting has been firmly grounded in a sense of place -- Wall Street, Lincolnville, New Orleans. This is still important to me, but I find that I am more and more drawn toward figurative subject matter. In making these paintings I have desired to clarify and illuminate my surroundings, my perceptions, my emotions, in the hope that the viewer will share my vision or be inspired to experience reality in a new way. 

Southern roots and upbringing, along with my dual identity as artist and corporate executive and my sometimes adventurous personal life, have given me a rich experience base to explore in paint. At the same time, while seeking to represent reality, the act of painting by its very nature awakens the pleasure of pure abstraction-- colors, shapes, planes and angles -- and the possibility of joining these two seemingly contradictory terms -- concrete and abstract -- in my work is an exciting new direction. 

I am proud of my work from the standpoint of presenting new artistic concepts in my attempt to illustrate the frailties, the pathos, the confusion, the wonder, the beauty and the joy of humanity. While writing this statement I notice the light reflecting off the china surface of my coffee cup and I think, "How mundane." And then, I look again, smile and think, "How wonderful."