The Summer I Left


Sara Pedigo

The Summer I Left 

oil on canvas
30 x 24 inches 

The Summer I Left

The summer I left, the 
one-footed boat-tail grackle
became my shaman, an unpaid life coach.
Usually found at sunrise or sunset
scouring tidal pools for bits of crab or fish carcass
remnants of fisherman, 
a literal Christian metaphor.
Bobbing, claw to sump, undeterred. 

In his presence, 
thankful that bones heal
mend back together. 

His cadence
stump stoop
stump stoop
stump stoop
provides a rhythm for 
things that won't grow back.

There is still a need for nourishment
there is a need
sand, water, 
water, food
food, tides
tides, change
change, always.

The one-footed boat-tail grackle knows 
how to survive
tell us
teach us your rhythm.

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