Backwards Desire To-do List


Sara Pedigo

Backwards Desire To-do List  
oil on canvas
30 x 24 inches 

Backwards Desire To-do List

A to-do list of washing/ rinsing/ or forgetting:

  1. my hair as a way to miss a phone call
  2. conditioner, forgotten, rinsed out in ocean waves
  3. last night’s dishes and the cat’s water bowl
  4. sheets that only retain my scent
  5. smoke that won’t air out of my dress
  6. bloodshot eyes, blame it on allergies
  7. dirty bathtub water left overnight
  8. last year’s life seen through another’s eyes
  9. the calico scallop shell at high tide* 

* Now, I would like to remind the reader that the periwinkle boogie-woogie is best danced one hour after low tide. It is easy to forget their schedule, it changes every day. I watched the Grackle sing for you and sway in anticipation. One wing outstretched and tail splayed wide. Come dance the periwinkles say, we all need some fun. Terrestrial forms all need some relief, to remember our desires by dancing at the edge of the world. To forget our to-do lists, especially if they are a form of avoidance..

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