Rebecca Sexton Larson

Playback Theatre

January 4 - February 18, 2022
Reception: Saturday, February 5, 4-7 PM
Artists Talk: Friday, February 18, 11 AM

Join us for the opening of a new alt_space exhibition titled Playback Theatre by Tampa-based fine art photographer Rebecca Sexton Larson.  For this exhibition, the artist blends contemporary and historic photographic imagery and processes to explore themes of memory, mortality, and family. In her exhibition statement, she explains that this body of work emerged from her interest in how family photographs and other popular cultural artifacts are used to document society.  She elaborates, “These visual representations left behind when one dies become a recorded history of an individuals’ family and existence.” Through this body of work, Rebecca explores these themes by collecting found family photos and memorabilia and then reimagining them in whimsical ways to explore potential relationships and prompt dialogues through personal storytelling.  READ MORE

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