Eden in Post


Sara Pedigo

Eden in Post   
oil on canvas
30 x 24 inches 

Eden In Post

We took the Old Cattle Egret Highway 
as far as we could, but
the hurricane washed out the road. 
Leaving us and the car stuck
the bridge broken and useless.
It was only crossable by foot
so I walked ahead
leaving you with a car 
keeping my set of keys.
The sky was on fire and
so was my heart.

Eden In Post v2

I left the garden
took my dog and
walked out the front door.

The sky was dead with night but
my heart was on fire.

Twelve miles north
on the Old Cattle Egret Highway
I’ll cross the new pavement
laid in after the hurricane
washed out the road.

Seventy miles further
the partially destroyed bridge
acts as a pedestrian walkway.

Two hundred and seven miles north
I’m in my mother’s country,
I’ll walk an un-inhabited beach for teeth.
I can’t show you.

Where do I go to make sense of this
back to the water
back to the water
back to the road
back to the road
back to the marsh
back to red clay
back to the photo
stolen out of my wallet.

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