Marc Barrett

Artist Statement:

For the past 20 years I have focused my attention on man-made structures. My subject matter includes: old Florida fish camps, weathered drawbridges, art deco buildings, ice cream establishments, quirky old diners, modern skyscrapers, private residences, and old historic marquee’s.

My current paintings have sprung from an early interest in American photo-realism and abstract expressionism. In art school I painted large black & white abstract gestural paintings focusing on scale, surface and mood. Now, I find working representationally has helped me find more content in my work.

In this work I have heightened the colors to better portray Florida’s unique lighting and environment. I believe architecture, new or old is a visual language understood throughout the world. These steel, wood, concrete, and mirrored glass giants are rooted in capitalism. The urban skyscraper has become a symbol of eastern and western civilization.

As a painter, I am interested in how transparency, water reflections, glass windows, along with shadows creates optical tension. This repetition of railings, windows, and balconies painted with a kaleidoscope of colors shows various dwellings that set up a constant visual rhythm. In my paintings the illusion of volumetric space is counter-point to the flat physical surface of the canvas. This architecture has allowed me, as a painter, to locate beauty in the modern world.

Most recently, I’ve been inspired to capture the unique culture of the historic old marquees of Central Florida. All of my work focuses on structures that are vulnerable to extinction in our quickly developing society. By focusing on a structure I am able to discover new patterns of expression.

Select Press:

Recent Exhibitions:

  • 2017, 2018 Winter Park Autumn Art Festival

  • 2017 Solaris, Valencia West Campus Studio Art Professors Exhibit