Karlene McConnell

Artist Statement

I take into consideration the tradition of landscape painters before me and those who experimented with color fields, line and space. Trees, vegetation, rocks, water and sky represent constancy, These subjects are abstracted by drawing lines and organic forms with my brush, pulling elements to the surface and pushing them back down under layers of paint. Horizon lines and trees may appear and then be obliterated by color. I explore non- traditional color combinations and let myself react to the areas of negative space in the composition.

About the Artist

Karlene McConnell was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from the University of Central Florida. She was a Special Education art teacher for several years and then Curator/ Educator for the Ormond Memorial Art Museum in Ormond Beach, FL.  Karlene currently paints full time in her studio where she creates abstracted landscapes with acrylic paints and graphite.