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Lifting the Veil is an exhibition that presents a visual documentation of architectural structures from tourist destinations in two specific geographic locations. It is furthermore a glimpse into the lives of people who serve the visitors of these destinations in tertiary sector employment fields (commonly referred to as service industry).

These homes, many times modular or stark transient structures, seem to imply the socioeconomic status of the families who inhabit them as lazy citizens, drug addicts or criminals. However, in my previous first-hand research of Central Florida transient motels and my current research into the demography of mobile home communities outside Paris, I have found mostly a determined public of hard working parents who have resigned themselves to making day to day income to support their children and extended families.

The socioeconomic content of the Lifting the Veil exhibition is much more general than my previous two projects (Transient Motel and Progeny). I seek, through this body of work, to reflect the processes of making successful paintings. I am interested here in the development of the subject matter through a variety of painting techniques that focus on shape, line and color to create profound spacial compositions.

Artist Bio

Bryce Hammond, b. 1970 Daytona Beach, Florida. Bryce Hammond received his BA in Art History from Furman University in 1992, and his MFA in Emerging Media from University of Central Florida in 2013. He has had solo exhibitions around the US including New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta among many others. His paintings are held in major corporate and private collections throughout the United States. Mr. Hammond has received the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation Fellowship, Florida Fellowship for the Arts, the Gulnar Bosch travel grant, and Fiscal Sponsorship from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Hammond records evidence of human presence in man-made environments through first-hand observation of poverty culture. This data is compiled to pollinate and present diverse techniques of expression including participatory installation, voyeuristic sound and documentation through paintings and other art objects.