Bobbi Baugh

Artist Statement

I am interested in patterns and relationships: human, organic, and those that imply causality and consequence. Sometimes I explore them in the role of artist-as-storyteller. Sometimes I explore them in the role of artist-as investigator/archaeologist: digging for things unseen, then juxtaposing them with elements that might not be expected. Always, it is my hope to draw the viewer into the narrative of the images. I believe my work is successful when it evokes a desire to look deeply at the images, to remember them, and to wonder about their meaning.

I draw on the traditions of hand printmaking and art quilting to build collaged works on paper or fabric. Rhythms of each tradition speak to and complement one another. First, I print. The “printing press” is the artist’s hand, producing one-of-a-kind monotype images on rice paper and muslin. Then I put the pieces together, collaging onto heavy paper or fabric for the final composition. I enjoy piecing images together in a quilt-like manner and frequently add machine stitching for texture.

About the Artist

Baugh lives and works in DeLand, Florida. She holds a Masters degree in Humanities and Education and a BA degree in Studio Art with a minor in Speech Communication from Stetson University, Deland, FL. She has had a 30+ year career in commercial printing.


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