Pastor's Shoes (No. 2)


Lenny Foster

Pastor's Shoes (1/15)
pigment print on cotton rag paper
14 x 9.5 inches


In the 1960s, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was denied entry into the First United Methodist Church in St. Augustine and was physically “escorted” off the property. He was known to walk around this church at night praying for things to change. During the same time, an African American mother and her kids were denied entry by men who stood with arms locked on the steps of the church.

In 2018, Juana Jordan, an African American pastor from Jacksonville, was assigned to the same Methodist church. During Pastor Jordan's first year, she received a phone call from a gentleman (not a member of the church) whose grandfather participated in blocking entry to the woman and her children. As a young boy he asked his grandfather why the family was denied entry. His grandfather did not reply. This uncomfortable memory stayed with him his entire life.  His call to Pastor Jordan was to request her to officiate at his mother's funeral, an effort on his part, nearly 60 years later, to right a wrong.  

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