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Wendy Tatter batik painting

Bringing in the Boat, Batik, 43" x 30.5"

Artist Statement

Sea breezes, dappled sunshine, and tropical colors, my batik compositions take viewers on a sensory tour.  I love tropical plants, the changing colors of the water and sky, and expressions on faces, human or animal.  I want people to see my work and get a feeling for the way I see things.  I want the colors to make them smile and the paintings to make them feel the movement of the moment. 

Raised in Maryland, my brief college career includes Virginia Commonwealth University and Maryland Institute.  I feel that my real artistic education began when I started traveling.  I also took a workshop at San Miguel, Mexico's Instituto Allende that changed the course of my artistic life.  In Mexico, I was introduced to the art of batik.  I was so intrigued with the almost backward way of creating a design that I've been working in the medium ever since.

I have a studio/gallery in St. Augustine where visitors can stop in and watch the process as I work.  My batiks often reflect the people and places I've enjoyed in my travels throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America.  I especially love working in my gallery, hearing the comments as people discuss the places they recognize and the feelings inspired in them by my batiks.