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Tom Brewer clay sculpture


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The clay body is a high porcelain content stoneware that is fired to cone 11 in a gas kiln. The pieces are thrown and joined and added on to. They are reshaped and altered as they dry and the surface is treated like a drawing and relief surface. Many of the recent pieces were influenced by bronze work of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-481 B.C.E.) and the glaze and buff stoneware of the Warring States (480-221 B.C.E.). 

Unlike some contemporary work with great contrasts and high levels of definability, these works are subtle, take some time to read, study, and discern. Over the past 3-4 years, I have developed some active wood ash glazes based on simple classic three or four formulas. The result is a traditional blue ash that when applied then will be an emerald green, an orange cascading leopard skin, and an aged bronze like glaze. The goal was to arrive at glazes that would produce great variance with one consistent application.