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Giuseppe Corazzina painting

Dream Box, Acrylic on canvas

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My constant and careful observation of nature and all my surroundings, such as light, forms, and color, enrich me with new emotions, which I then transfer in my paintings. But the object or subject of the painting is only needed in order to establish a reference point, which I obtain the inspiration to create. Then, I can utilize any color or form, whether conventional or avant-garde, to capture and draft what I perceive to be their chromatic representations. 

Giuseppe Corazzina was born in Padua, Italy. He received a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts at State Art Institute, Padua, Italy; a Master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy; a Doctorate degree from Teacher College, Venice, Italy; and restoration certification from Ca’d’oro, Venice, Italy. He is skilled in the use of acrylic, oils, tempera, watercolor, as well as mosaic, encaustic and fresco painting. He has taught studio arts courses and fresco workshops at Cornell Museum, Crealdé School of Art, University of Central Florida and Rollins College. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. Corazzina’s work is also included in the permanent collections of the S.Antonio Cathedral, Padua, Italy, Albignasego Church, Museo S. Teodoro, Roma, Church of Malawi, Africa, and the University of Central Florida, Orlando.