Xochitl Ross

Artist Statement

In keeping with the inherent contradictions of glass, the bold forms and vivid colors of my work pay tribute to the smallest building blocks of our Earth. I develop the premise that Nature’s strength is through her ability to yield.

Kiln fired glass is also called warm glass; a technique somewhere between stained glass (cold glass) and blown glass (hot glass). I work with the glass when it is cold and sharp - then give it to the kiln, where the heat unites the various components, rounds the edges and heat polishes the surface.

After visualizing the subject, I begin by cutting shapes from sheets of colored glass to embody the basis of my design. After these glass pieces are assembled on a prepared kiln shelf, I then make specific stringers and frits to develop detail and depth. The glass is now heated in the kiln to the fusing point. I pay special attention to the annealing process, the cooling of the glass very slowly to ensure the durability of the finished work. A second or third firing is required to achieve a 3 dimensional vessel.


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