Visual Poems

Drawings by Nancy Baur Dillen

May 6 - June 10, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 6, 4-7 PM
Artist Talk: Friday, June 9, 11 AM

About the Exhibition:

Nancy Baur Dillen is known for her realistic yet whimsical paintings and drawings that combine imagined elements with those from life to create unexpected new worlds populated by fruits, vegetables, animals, and other characters of her own design.

For Dillen’s alt_space exhibition, she presents a new series of intriguing black-and-white drawings of imaginary life forms created from many different points of reference. Using Stadler Mars Lumograph pencils on paper, Dillen’s drawings are rich with texture, sharp details, and deep black tones that provide strong contrast. The realistic quality of her drawings compares to the Naturalism movement of the late 19th Century, yet her creations are not of this world.
The subjects of Dillen’s drawings are both familiar and foreign, and there is, even more, to discover upon close observation, such as haunting faces and obscure objects hidden in each piece. She elaborates, “For me, art should have surprises and be a feast for the eyes. My goal is for others to discover the joy of really looking at art. Above my easel, I have posted a sign that says, ‘Do the unexpected!’” Through this body of work, Nancy Baur Dillen has done just that.  Each piece is a visual poem, composed of forms and shapes instead of words, taking viewers on a journey into the depths of her imagination. READ MORE