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I am fortunate to get up everyday and have the opportunity to express myself through an artistic process.  I make choices whether to do that or participate in other aspects of my life.  Regardless, I still embrace the artistic side of my life with pretty much everything I do.  I look at my work with a passionate desire to strengthen and expand my mind as I continue to make ceramic pots I feel good about.  The forms are memories and visions from my experiences living around creative development.  Images are growth patterns taken from time reflecting on my life. 

My work is primarily constructed on the potter's wheel and each piece is made one at a time by hand. I use an earthenware red clay body that is brushed with white slip when the pieces are semi-dry. I mix ceramic stains with white slip to create the painted surfaces and images. The pieces are then fired in an electric kiln to 1910 degrees. The pots are stained in selected areas and a thin clear glaze is applied. 

My images come from my own background, life on the farm, and my love for botanical illustrations. Most of my work only alludes to function. An artist's obligation to society iis to create work that will challenge us to keep an open mind. I hope to stimulate your mind and senses through the ceramic vessels before you and evoke thoughts that will enhance your life. I want to create and work, hopefully, on the edge of life. "If you are not working on the edge, you are taking up too much room."

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