Rodney Lints

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During a seven year sabbatical, I hand-built a home on the river including all the furniture, cabinetry, a woodworking shop, and also I constructed an office building. Now that I have returned to producing works of sculptural furniture, I have found that the time away has not only rekindled my passion for art, but also it has given me a new eye for form, texture, and detail. My new furniture series reflects a renewed search for shape and character in my work.

Growing in my discipline with each new piece, I know the forms that appeal most to my eye and feel comfortable with my abilities to hold those forms in a rugged construct and have begun to stretch my facility with applied motifs. By examining new approaches to texture and color combinations, I have pushed the limits of conventional furniture by developing a method for "scratch carving" in which the wood is scored with cutting or grinding tools to create unique and subtle designs.

When envisioning an out of the ordinary form for a piece, the challenge is to continually find new techniques to apply to joinery methods that have not changed over the years. Now that I am comfortable enough with the joinery, I can let my imagination run free and be confident to construct the final form.

By letting the natural colors and grains of the wood speak for themselves and mixing and matching the varied woods, I bring about a new style while striving for a certain subtlety in form and texture. Gradually, the viewer, too, will discover more in each piece. -R.L.