John Hart

About the Artist

As a retired architect, John Hart is attuned to the aesthetics of his 3-Dimensional art.  He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Miami University in Oxford Ohio.  He continued Urban Design graduate studies in Philadelphia and earned a Master of Architecture and a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania.  He was engaged in architecture and planning projects throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  His career concluded with a Presidential Appointment, serving a 6-year term on the National Capitol Planning Commission in Washington DC.

John had long enjoyed woodworking, furniture making, and the challenges of its design and assembly, but it was not until he retired, that he pursued turning wood.

Mr. Hart’s work is organic.  John seeks to highlight the personality of each individual piece of wood.  He seldom approaches new work with a pre-conceived design.  What he strives to do is to create the most pleasing shape, highlighting the color and figure of the wood and then, finishing the wood to best present the beauty of the grain and color.  When there are voids in the piece of wood, John sees an opportunity for enhancement, sometimes adding color or sparkle to draw attention to the uniqueness of that particular species of wood. Each piece calls for its own treatment.
Turning wooden bowls is a blend of nature and skill.  As John says “The more I turn, the better I get, but I am constantly challenged to present the natural beauty of the wood in the most sensitive way, keeping in mind - Form, Figure and Finish.”

Mr. Hart is a member of The Arts Council of Martin County, The American Association of Woodturners, a Board Member of the Treasure Coast Woodturners Guild and Past Chairman of the Martin County Public Arts Advisory Board.