Hope Barton

Artist Statement:

I’ve been working at creating art almost every day for a long time. My beginning was with one color etchings but as I became proficient in that, I wanted to experiment with multiple plate colors. I took 2 years of commercial art in the early 80’s and when I studied the colors for commercial printed materials, I thought I could create full color etchings that way. It was a great mental challenge and I enjoyed the happy accidents (and some not so happy) that occurred as I planned the three plates of primary colors.

I must have found monotypes around the time I opened my gallery (1997) and used three plates again. Those were created on Plexiglas by rolling the lithography inks and pulling out areas with mineral spirits. A wide spectrum of colors was created when the plates were printed on paper one after the other. This process was a great hit for demonstrations because of the surprise factor and the use of the press. However, I grew intolerant of the lithography inks and the mineral spirits and gravitated to acrylic paint. First, I painted on the monotypes but gave that up to paint on canvas. I am still excited about painting and have no plans to stop. As we move back to Lake County, I’m sure my work will morph again.

About the Artist:

Hope Barton received a BA in art education from Florida Southern College. She has been a professional printmaker and painter for over 25 years. She has participated in many juried art shows such as: Winter Park, Gasparilla, Festival of the Masters, Ann Arbor Street Art Festival, and Beaux Arts, Mt. Dora. From 1997 through 2001, Barton owned a fine art gallery in downtown Clermont, FL. Her work has been featured in many fine art galleries and permanent collections throughout Florida. Barton currently maintains a studio in St. Augustine, Florida.

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