My Answer


Christine Peloquin

My Answer
oils on fabric on wood panel
36 x 12 inches

"I also began to learn that my answer is always somewhere in my voice. It might be unsure or shaky or half baked. But now when I question myself my voice is the thing that I turned to. Not my silence.

We are the answer that we have been looking for. We just have to stop asking for permission to get there. We have to ask ourselves what can we do today that will help us tomorrow. Let's tomorrow. We have to break our silence, first inside our own lives, then outside of them too. It may not inoculate us from heartbreak, but it will protect us from betraying ourselves. Because the only thing I am sure of now is that when we break our silence and speak our truth, we don't only free ourselves, we free the world."

- Natalie Guerrero, On Silence - Hungry Hearts: Essays on Courage, Desire and Belonging

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