Carol Munder


On view in the alt_space: May 6-June 10, 2017
Opening reception: Saturday, May 6, 4-7pm

Key West based fine art photographer, Carol Munder, is known for her mysterious and ethereal tableaus created using plastic film cameras and a photomechanical printing process from the late 1800s. Munder explains, “The world we live in is delineated by the hard edges of objects we have become familiar with in everyday life. To strip the object of this familiarity, I began using a camera with a plastic lens that softens this hard edge and allows detail to fall away forcing the imagination to the forefront.” To complete the process, Munder prints these images by means of the photogravure – an intaglio printmaking process that involves coating a copper plate with a light-sensitive tissue that is chemically etched, coated with ink and then pressed onto paper. While photogravure is a laborious and time-consuming process, Carol explains that it is also quite satisfying.  She states, “I find there is a magic in the mixing of chemicals that develop an image caught by light and lodged in silver. The sensation of ink on my hands and the texture of the papers which I use while turning the wheel of an old press have become embedded in me.” 

Artist Statement 

What I love about photography is this continuity of past, present and future that is embedded in an image. Photography by its nature is transformational as it instantly consigns the subject to the past, takes it out of the three dimensional world and places it in an abstracted two dimensions. READ MORE>>>

About the Artist

Carol Munder studied photography at Columbia College in the 1970’s before moving to Key West to begin her career as an artist.  In 1986, she was the recipient of the NEXUS PRESS Book Competition residency, where she put together an artist book titled “Fierce Power Bad Fate.”  Munder then went on to produce several bodies of work. From the mid-1990s to early 2000s, she created large format black and white prints of nineteenth-century statuary and Etruscan figurines with a plastic camera.  She then acquired a gravure press second-hand and began teaching herself the art of the photogravure and has focused on this technique ever since.  Munder has exhibited her work in galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and abroad, including the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, FL; the San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA and Galerie Univer in Paris, France.  She has received numerous grants and awards and has also been featured in publications including American Scholar and Granta Magazine. Munder currently splits her time between her home in Key West and rural France.

Exhibition Images Available for Purchase: