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My paintings are abstract explorations of color, line, texture, shape, and space. Although at times they are inspired by the world around me, it is the act of painting itself, the creation of my own varied shapes and textures, and the orchestration of color that I find most inspiring.

I am drawn to working with small bits of collected fabric and various other materials such as bark, thread and lace. The movement and placement of these gem-like shapes creates compelling patterns and energy for me. After these "shards” are loosely arranged on the canvas, I begin moving the paint in and around or on top of them until they become an interwoven with the canvas.

As the painting proceeds, a dialog is established that is on-going and dynamic - a giving and taking, an adding and subtracting - an intimate partnership between canvas and artist, until the painting “works” and feels complete. Frequently, a painting will begin in my imagination in response to a prior painting, whereby a series is born, until the journey ends.

Abstraction sets me free. It encourages exploration of aesthetic richness and complexity,and pushes me into uncharted territory.

About the Artist

Barbara Wagner is an award winning abstract artist. She has taught at the college level, and paints in her studios in Vermont and Florida. Her paintings have been in museum shows and have been represented by galleries in Santa Fe, Florida, Memphis, Louisville, Boston, and elsewhere in new England. Barbara’s paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections, in the United States, Canada, and Europe.